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 We have for sale :    Máme na predaj aktuálne : NEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



FOR SALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 18.8 2012 !!!!!
ready for new homes for breeding and showing, two brothers almost 6 mths old !!! Males OSH a and OSH n
from my Z litter, same combination as X litter father is Otello and mum is GIC Herriet Simon*CZ
Their older brother Xtreme Dream Sultan Chan*SK won competition Cat of the Year 2012 in St. Africa
over all breeds. It was big competition full of beautiful imported cats. Boys are not too extremal, any folded ears
but have beautiful pedigree and they are nice, ballanced and very correct with slim long tails and green eyes !!!!
some pictures here, older pictures in section Liteer " Z "
in case you are interested to get one of these boys they are fully vaccinated with pedigree, all documents done and they are ready for departure from Bratislava or Vienna airport :-) It´s time, they need new families as soon possible before starts
mate their own mum and sister from previous litter LOOOL . Please contact me on : sultansiamesi@gmail.com


We have kitties for sale,  as company - pets.

In case you are interested,please contact me

. Máme na predaj mačiatka vhodné ako domáci miláčik čiže nie na výstavy a chov ale aj výstavné mačiatka.

We have for sale kitties of pet quality at the moment in cattery Sultan Chan and newborns possibly for breeding..

TWO males !!! Kocúri !!!!!!   20.2.2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One havana- choccolate solid male  available as pet and one siamese red point - blue eyed

Dvaja kocúri jeden čokoládový,zelenooký,  jeden siámsky s červenými odznakmi modrooký

K odberu podľa dohody začiatkom marca- obaja majú rodokmene ale nemú byť použití v chove !!!

Available in start of the march- both males have FIFe pedigree and cannot be used for breeding !!!!







OLDER PICTURES !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL KITTENS IN THIS SECTION ARE SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Pictures of T litter  females - all females are sold, girls going to Holland and Italy
this girl goes to cattery D´Oltremare
This is Thirza - going to Holland - Ina Mast
                                            Last kitten from R litter found new home, Ryoko is sold to Holland 

                                Remix OSH h female - AVAIABLE - 6 sisters and 1 brother are sold
                                      little chocco tortie female



                      BORN IN CATTERIES OF OUR FRIENDS !!!!


                                                                  WE HAVE  8  KITTENS

                                                                            OUT OF :


  These females and one boy are all sold now................... I will mate Dunja to Blero next time....



 Romeo Sultan Chan*SK OSH d  boy  - sold to Holland                                           OSH b female - sold to  Italy
 OSH b female - sold to Germany                                                                         OSH f female - reserved - option
  OSH n female - Sold to CZ as pet                                                                               OSH f female . RESERVED - option
    OSH f female - Sold to Sweden           

                                            LITTERS BORN IN 2009

                Kittens out of Junior Golyshock Sultan Chan*SK and Khaleed Sultan Chan * SK
                                    PETERBALD Litter !!!!!!!
              more information and picture in section Kittens Q litter
            Všetky deti z vrhu Q sú predané       All babies from Q litter are sold

    Lilac flock coated female Quarramba - SOLD to Mrs Tatiana from CZ
    More in Kittens - section Q Litter



      Kittens out of El Caramel and Otello
      more information and picture in section Kittens - O litter
Lilac ticked oriental girl  Obsession Sultan Chan * SK - SOLD to Heidi  - von Lormeril cattery  from Austria
Lilac ticked girl Orion - SOLD  to Silvia  - Smeraldo cattery  from Austria


  SIA bs 21 female O Ren Ishii - goes to Simone from D´Oltremare cattery

    SIA bs 21 female OMW  -SOLD  to Austria - living with Petra Krapitek - OMW will be showed on TICA shows

   SIA b 21  female Orbita  - STAYS in cattery  . Orbita has worst ears in whole litter but darkest blue eyes .....

      SIA bs 21 boy -reserved  to  Austria  as pet


        Kittens out of Coming Soon and Otello
          more information and picture in section Kittens - P litter

        Seal smoke point female - goes to cattery Bon Voyage*SK

    Kittens out of Dunja and Otello
          more information and picture in section Kittens - N litter
        Born : 3.6 2009
    Nevada - Female OSH f  - STAYS
    Norine - Female OSH n - Reserved

    Kittens out of Manar and Otello
        more information and picture in section Kittens - M litter
        Born : 25.4 2009

  Mambo Italiano - Male OSH b 24 - NOT AVAIABLE - SOLD to Finland - Sultsinan cattery


    Muffin - Male OSH c 24 - NOT AVAIABLE - SOLD to Finland - Victoria Matero

    Megallo - Male OSH c - NOT AVAIABLE - SOLD to Germany - Katrin Kriener - Kawesico´s cattery


        Next litters are planned   inovember  More info soon
          in section   KITTENS !!!!!! Scroll down for our plans...

                                    PLANNED MATINGS IN OUR CATTERY :


                              There is planned mating of female from cattery Little Stuart * CZ :
                                WW09 IC Otello D´Oltremare JW  *I     x     UK * Mafdet Blackberry  SIA n

  Otello is dilute and  classic carrier. If you are interested in our future kittens please contact me on :
  We don´t sell kittens
out of Otello D´Oltremare to Italy and Czech Republic.

  V našej stanici plánujeme hore uvedené krytia..
  Otello bude kryť v r 2009 i  mačičku z chovnej stanice Little Stuart*CZ
  Otello nesie riedené farby a mramor.
  V prípade záujmu
  o mačiatko  ma prosím kontaktujte mailom na: sultansiamesi@yahoo.it
  Mačiatka narodené po kocúrovi Otello D´Oltremare nebudú predané do Českej republiky a  Talianska.