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                                             Výstavy / shows 10
 Show Austria- Ebreichsdorf last week end of august - sathurday = Aimee won again. Comgratulations to her
  breeder Editka from CZ
 few pictures from this show here :
Our new female AIMÉE BLUE LIME CATS*CZ won BIS 3-6 on Bratislava show 7.8 2010
Girl was showed by breeder !!!! some pictures coming soon
Rock Little Ruby Sultan Chan*SK won at show in Germany,
congratulations to kittie and her owner Jana :-))
here are few pictures of baby
 Show Bratislava 13-14 march 2010 
 We were showing Otello on sathurday - BIS and BOB 2
       kittie Rock N Roll Doll both days - sathurday - NOM to BIS
                                                            sunday - BIS and BOB 3
      Results of Club Italia : Edoardo Spirandelli get nominations to BIS on sathurday, 
                                       NOM and BIS on sunday
                                       Magda Kmošková showed only on sunday 
                                                            get BIS with her PER fenmale
                                                            and BIS with neuter Quite Special
Pictures from this show
Rock N Roll Doll Sultan Chan*SK  OSH f, owned by Hannele Kuosmanen from Sweden
her first show week end - Best of Best 3 - FIFe, thirth best cat of whole show !!
Congratulations to her new owner