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      Kokardy ktoré vyhral Otello v r 2008

Výstava Nitra 29/30 novembra 2008
        Show Nitra  29/30 of november

        Otello won BOB 1 on sunday




          Zamirka, Alessia and Ad
      Mirand´s boy Naruto won BIS





            Happy kids, both won on sunday show
          Mirand and mummy, both very tired

        Naruto judged by slovenian judge Mrs Tatjana Malgaj Beccari, she loved him

        Naruto is 7 mths old very elegant guy, classic carrier. Is very possible that he will be used for my future breeding
        program to work
        with orientals, naturally after legal permission of FIFe :-) Orientals need new blood, thats sure.....


        Alessia and Naruto while judged. I don´t like cat shows that is no secret information :-) But I am very happy
        my kids love them and we spend really nice time together in company of friends.


          Some pictures from sathurday :

        Mirand showing Naruto in best in show

        Naruto -7 mths old  domestic male son of Ugly Betty



              Výstava Wien, 1.11 2008
        Show Wien, 1.11 2008

            Otello won again, some pictures here

            Exhibitors from  Club italia waiting for best in show.Zamira was eating all the time :-)))))

                                                                  Alessia,Mirand,Zamira and mummy

 Some pictures from Felis Hungarica, many thanks to Laca !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More on Felis Hungarica web site


              Our new " felpa invernale " Thank you Mauro and Antonio !!!!!!! Kids loved them

                                              Best friends, Alessia and Mirand

  Fully dressed in club italia :-))))


    Our angel Laura with her student judge Lenka Venclikova from CZ. And also, many thanks to lenka which took care
  of our
  Otello for two weeks and helped with his transport to WS in Lisboa where we couldn´t fly because of small baby
  Zamira and
 kittens at home which need our care....
  Thank you Lenka

              World show Lisboa 2008

  WS Lisboa - ring of our members ZO Senec Club italia

  Otello and Simone


  Both - slovak and italian flags

  My creative member :-)

  under podium

Výstava bratislava, september
        Show bratislava, september

        Otello was showed both days, on sathurday BOB4 and on sunday BOB2.
        He was showed 7x till now and 7x Best
        Some pictures from this show :


Happy guy playing with Mr FIFe

Otello judged by Mr Ad de Bruijn


And here are few pictures coming from Felis Hungarica, many thanks to Laca for these pictures, they are LOVELY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laca was very proud about this special picture, maybe some message..................


Otello and Romana which became his personal steward in Bratislava both days during the Best of Best

Romana showing Otello in BIS

        Výstava Modling Rakúsko
        Show Modling  Austria

          I showed Otello both days and he get both days BIS. Otello in now
          Junior Winner
          get this title in 3 weeks only!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Some pictures from this show :

          Many thanks for this lovely picture to Judit and Laca from Felis Hungarica !!!!!!!
More pictures on Felis Hugarica web site - Gallery  On the picture is Otello judged by
            Ad de Bruijn.

    Alessia and Zamira in our cow T- Shirts of Club Italia

      Cups ready for BIS

        And Otello won


      Otello and Alessia - sathurday show - BIS


        Sunday show, other model of T-shirt  Club Italia which I am proudly wearing


      Alessia, LMB, Otello and mummy

       LMB having Otello served, Otello showing that his ticks treatment was not working well :-)))


          Some creations and pictures done by Chris Kappel

      Otello checked in best by Ad and LMB


      Proud Alessia with our new baby


  And here he is, tired but Junior Winner, Otello D´Oltremare,
          congratulations to Otello and Simone - his breeder


        Výstava Ostrava  17.8 2007
          Show Ostrava 17.8 2008

                              I showed only Otello and he get 3rd BIS on his 3rd show in classe 3-6mth.
                  Some pictures from show :

  Mr Coste and Laura Burani checking up  Otello

  Eric controlling ears size which cannot be longher than face :-)

  Mr Calmes was not judging cat IV only came  to check the star


  After Best in show




    Výstava Bratislava 9/10 augusta 2008
          Show Bratislava  9/10 of august 2008

        I showed my new male Otello with Simone and also his brother both NOM
        on both days,
      Otello was BOB 1 on sathurday and BOB 2 on sunday.












Some pictures from show where were also members of my new club Italia ZO Senec and I am sooooo
proud of my members.They came with beautiful cats.ABY male Neo of Chiara parodi was BOB 2 on sathurday and he was also BIS on sunday, her female WW 06 Solarian Maya was BIS on sunday,RUS kittens of our members Mauro and Antonio get also nomination,DRX of Laura Manunta had special price on our show and we had really special time together...just have a look at pictures :-)))))))))))))))))






















            Výstava Gyor  5/6 april  2008
    Show Gyor 5/6 april 2008    

Judging  report of our Maugli - Martii Peltonen

  Dňa 5.4 2008  sme sa zúčastnili na výstave v madarskom Gyori s kocúrom Maugli Del Iris PEB d. Maugli bohužiaľ nemohol byť nominovaný ani zvíťaziť nakoľko je peterbald ešte stále neuznané plemeno. Kocúra posudzoval švédsky posudzovateľ Martti Peltonen ktorý je chovateľom plemena SIA/ORI a tomuto plemenu a peterbaldom rozumie. Boli sme zvedaví na jeho názor a presne z tohto dôvodu sme Maugliho do Gyoru priviezli. Dostali sme krásny posudok, Martti bol z nášho kotíka doslova nadšený  a jediné čo mu vytkol je slabšia bradička ktorú si kotík zabudol v Petersburgu :-) Kocúrika som zároveň ukázala ostatným posudzovateľom, pani Thee Friškovec a panovi Stevnovi Johnsovi ktorí sú spolu s Marttim členmi komisie FIFe  aby zvážili či je kocúrik typický predstaviteľ tohto plemena a môže byť predstavený delegátom na FIFe GA v máji 2008. Kotík zodpovedá štandardu a dostali sme OK. Bude predstavený na GA !!!!!! kde sa bude hlasovať o plnom uznaní plemena peterbald .Veľmi si ceníme že náš kocúr dostal túto možnosť, bude to samozrejme aj reklama našej stanice a ruskej stanice Del Iris. Ponúkame niekoľko fotiek z výstavy :

We showed our peterbald male Maugli Del Iris on hungarian show in Gyor on 5th. april   2008.Unfortunately, peterbald is steel pre-recognised breed and our boy couldn´t be nominated for Best in Show. We brought him for two reasons. In Gyor was judging swedish judge and breeder of SIA/ORI Mr Martti Peltonen and I was curious to know his opinion about my naked boy. Martti loved Maugli and found only one fault on him - boy forgot his chin in St Petersburg. :-) Anyway Martti said that Maugli is beautiful cat and I am very happy .
We also wanted show him to other FIFe judges and members of commission for breeds and standard. As they need one excellent typical
representative cat  of this breed for GA ( full recognition of peterbald cats) So also Mrs Thea  Friskovec and Mr Steven Johnes sow him and YES, Maugli will be showed to delegates on
FIFE General Assembly. We are very proud and grateful for this opportunity. It will be also nice publicity for our cattery and cattery Del Iris from Russia.

Maugli and mummy in show hall - Gyor  5.4 2008


                Maugli and his judge Martti Peltonen in Gyor


                Maugli, Thea Friškovec and Steven Johnes

              Maugli and Martti


              Young exhibitor- Mirand


              Other young exhibitor - Zamira - have a look FIFe logo on her T-shirt







  Výstava Bratislava  26/27  januar 2008
Show Bratislava - 26/27  january 2008

    Foto: Lenka Venclíková

  Peterbald Čuník  dostal svoj prvý CAC - breeding point

foto: Lenka Venclíková

 Svetová výstava mačiek, pani Anette Sjodin, prezidentka FIFe nám predvádza pri fotení
 nášho nového kocúra Narcisa ktorý práve pricestoval z Talianska

 Mrs Anette Sjodin, president of FIFe with our new boy Narciso

Foto: Lenka Venclíková

  Naša Sunny na výstave v Parme

 Sunny, show in  Parma, Italy

  Foto: lenka Venclíková

  Sunny- Parma - Taliansko 2006 Bola to fantastická výstava,v sobotu som po odjazdeni 1200km celý deň stewardovala,večer som padla za vlasť.Ráno sme zaspali, ale nedeľa už bola v pohode :-) Celú výstavu som sa tešila na daľších 1200 km smerom domov. Audina fičala ale ja už som mala dosť.Zaprisahala som sa že odteraz už len lietadlom !!! Cestou späť sme sa stavili u Susi v Lido di Venezia,napapkali sme sa v reštaurácii špecializovanej na morské príšerky a v noci sme sa odplavili do Venezie. Bol to úžasný výlet len som sa cítila vyčerpana. Nečudo,zistila som že v tom čase som už bola tehotná. Lido di Venezia je prekrásne a dúfam že sa v tomto roku dostaneme k Susi na pár dni i s deťmi,Mirand s Alessiou si more určite užijú :-) Ja si užijem Zamirku :-)))

  Foto: Ovek

  Sunny -  show in Linz  2006

  Foto: Lenka Venclíková     www.burmilla.snadno.eu

  Ja, Dunja a pani Gina Grob v Taliansku, Parma 2006

  Me, Dunja and mrs Gina Grob judging


  Gianfranco Mantovani judging our Silvie OSH ns 25

  Foto: lenka Venclíková

  Stephe Bruin judging our Sunny - Oberwart 2006  Best in Show 3-6


  Mum, Susi and Tortie on WS 05 Austria

 Laura on the World Show - Bratislava 2007

  Foto: www. gattinata.pl

  Mr Eric Reijers with WW 06,07 Michelangelo D´Oltremare on the World Show

  Foto: www.bri.pl

 Moja sestrička Zamira a pan Eric Reijers sa práve chystajú uvádzať Best in Show na Svetovej Výstave mačiek

 My little sister Zamira and Mr Eric Reijers on the panel of World Show 07 in Bratislava

 Eric Reijers, Zamira a strýko Lee. Tak to vyzeralo ked mama odbehla, Eric nám ukradol kočík a jazdil s ním po obrovskej hale.
 Zastavil sa až pri stole kde posudzoval strýko Lee. Medzi posudzovaním si urobil menší " break "

 Eric Reijers, Zamira and uncle Lee Selassa during the World Show 2007 in Bratislava

 A predsedkníčka SZCH, riaditeľka Svetovej výstavy pani Soňa Ivanková spolu s panom Reijersom - generálnym sekretárom FIFe
 na gala večeri.
 SZCH president Mrs Soňa Ivankova and FIFe General secretary Mr Reijers on gala dinner

 Mr Reijers, Zamira and Mr Ad de Bruijn

  foto: www.cats.sk

  Moja mama a ja na výstave v Bratislave v marci 2007

 Mánička sa vystavuje v Brne


  with Ania in Warszawa - january 2005

Mánička v Brne


Mánička a Mr Sagurski


Mánička a Mr Ad de bruijn