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  All our studs are available for matings - only selected queens ( and breeders ) NOT CZ and ITALY !!!!!                                      



                                          WW09  IC Otello D´ Oltremare*I  JW   OSH b

                           Sir : GIC WW 06,07 Michelangelo D´ Oltremare JW
                                    Dam : LV* Bua Luang Fidji JW

                                              Breeder : Simone Caratozzolo,  Italy







 Otello was gift for my 35th birthday from members of my " Club Italia " and I loved this sweet gift on four legs very much !!!! Decided to keep him as co-owned with his breeder Simone Caratozzolo from italian cattery Oltremare and showing him under both names.
I get
Otello for my future work and there is planned collaboration btw me and his breeder and other members of my club so is very possible that Otello will change home for a while as adult and work in Oltremare cattery.





                                            Blero Bon Voyage*SK  JW   OSH n

                                       Sir : HU* Pharaos Heart Valentino SYS n 03
                                                Dam : HU* Shagio Chen Inez OSH f
                                                Breeder : Krčmárová B. and Butyková

         Blero is growing to super nice male !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful coat, super green eyes and ex body !!!!






   Voo-Doo Sultan CHan*SK  OSH b 24

 sir : WW09 IC Otello D´Oltremare

dam : IC Al Manar Silver Moire*RUS

( student stud )


poor guy but as you see he has super temper :-)))))))))))) Zamira can play with all my cats :-)