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                   HOT NEWS in our cattery and FIFe  !!!!!!!!!!!



Xtreme Dream Sultan Chan*SK of Mai Thai sold to South Africa won cat of the Year over all Breeds in

his new country. Big congratulations to his new mummy Charlotte Van Der Riet and to " Mamba "

I am very very proud breeder :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Some pictures from this BIG DAY in SA !!!!!!! It's the biggest thing you can win in SA !!!!! BRAVOOOO !!!

some more pictures of " Mamba " from his home :




                 " A " Litter babies left cattery and all are in new homes finaly

Siamese girl Arwen Sultan Chan*SK  and boy Aladdin Con Amore Sultan Chan*SK both SIA b left cattery

Ine and Joke were really happy with these two little gangsters which are not shiny at all

pictures of Attila, Aga,  Arwen and Aladdin aka Amore in their new homes, they are playing and eating and just happy kids,

healthy too LOOL  :-)

Attila Sultan Chan*SK SIA c boy living in Han Tengri cattery Russia


Aga Sultan Chan*SK OSH b - living in Austria with Silvia


Aladdin Con Amore Sultan Chan *SK SIA b boy Living with Ine in Holland






Arwen Sultan Chan*SK SIA b female living with Joke in Holland


picture from their trip to Holland :-)


We have new litter born out of Woo-Doo x Orbita !!!! Born 15.8 2012 !!!!! more info soon

in kittens section


We have new C litter 2 babies : three female and male

( OSH n 24 male, OSH c 24 female ) kitties have problems they are not taking on weight well

for now stays in cattery


We have new litters, B litter - only one blu tabby female out of Afrodita x Woo Doo - stays



We have babies out of OTELLO x IRA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


118.7 2012 babies have three mths and slowly going to new homes, first left home havana boy and already

is living with Silvia close to Vienna. Kittens have around 2 kg, biggest 2200g :-)


Born 17.4 2012 Litter "A" 5 babies ( 4 males and 1 female)

more info and pictures : HERE

one of siamese boys :-)


Two sections under news : Our cats in new homes - and their offsprings click HERE

                                                   Mambo and Muffin in new homes click HERE


Xtreme Dream Sultan Chan*SK owned by Charlotte van der Riet living

in St. Africa is now Champion !!!!!!!!!!!    Congratulations :-)))))

some pictures of " Mamba " and also from show organised by St african cat federation






Beautiful babies were born at my friend Editka in cattery Blue Lime Cats*CZ

I am proud granny of these lovely kids !!!!!


Father : WW 09 IC Otello D´Oltremare JW *I  OSH b

Mum : Malajka Little Stuart*CZ OSH n 24

 some pictures here :

For more info please contact  breeder Editka, one of boys is steel available :  Edita.Takacsova@seznam.cz

 Boy is available for breeding, showing or as luxury pet to loving home ONLY !!!



Two sections under news : Our cats in new homes - and their offsprings click HERE

                                                   Mambo and Muffin in new homes click HERE


New litter in my cattery out of : Otello x Herriet Simon*CZ

Babies are already born, we have three boys, two ebony and one blu guy,

all of them big and fatt birth weight around 150 g

more info in kittens section under litter "Z" click HERE



Herriet :-)))   X  Otello :-)))




Following litter in my cattery will be out of : Otello x Ira D´Oltremare


Otello mated Ira, daughter of Carmiel Petit Paola last week  cca 15.2 2012 so keep your fingers crossed !!!!!!!!!!!!




Finaly after one year decided to update my web site, we had one beautiful litter X and our kitties are living abroad one

of them in St. Africa with judge Mrs Charlotte van der Riet, OSH n boy named Xtreme Dream Sultan Chan*SK

at home called Mamba :-)))  I placed many pictures of these babies to X Litter section under Kittens ! Please give me

some time and I will show you all these beauties growed in new section here under news named : Our cats in new homes


And now some great news too :

Member of slovak club ZO Senec - Club Italia, our judge and friend

Donatella Mastrangelo gave her exhame for cathegory II

week end 11/12 dec

She became judge for II,III,IV Congratulations, I had any doubts, our Donatella

is clever and hope to have first slovak all round judge soon :-)))))))))))


And here are news about babies born in catteries of friends

out of Sultan Chan cats or our stud Otello in last mth

In case you are interested to get one of kitties out of these litters

feel free to contact their breeders or me on : sultansiamesi@yahoo.it


I became very proud granny of babies born out of my females :

Re-Choose Sultan Chan*SK OSH f owned by nice lady breeder from Finland

named Pia-Maija Jalkanen



Showing one picture, more on her web site :http://www.finchoose.net/


Happy granny of newborns born in Italy out of Revolution Sultan Chan*SK OSH b

 in cattery : http://www.yeswecat.it/ of Elena Francioli, friend and member of slovak ZO Senec - Club Italia

some fresh pictures :

Botox party YesWeCat*SK


First pictures of newborns :


Grandchildrens born also in Poland, cattery Dolcegattina :www.dolcegattina.pl

out of WW09 IC Otello D´Oltremare JW *I and tortie owned by Maciej and Joanna.

I am very happy to see these lovely babies growing and their breeders have allways

opened door in my cattery. Thank you for all your help !!!!!!

Few pictures here :


Our boy Otello became dad also in cattery Gattinata*PL . I am very happy to may help with breeding program of my friends Renata and Krzystof and allways will because I really like breeders which

are ready to choose hard way or hard work which need a lot of work and time. Hope that Otello can bring something positive to their longhair cats. Few pictures here :


More pictures on web : www.gattinata.pl


And granny also in Slovakia, we have two babies born in cattery of my friends Ingrid and Barbora

Daddy of kitties is Otello and mum Centrifuga aka Maca OSH c. There are also kitties born out of Shagio Chen Inez x Otello. Pictures coming soon.


 First pictures of Bon Voyage kids

are here :

More pictures and info on : http://www.bonvoyage-siaoricats.wbl.sk/




Next planned mating with Otello will be experimental btw Otello x Ugly Betty HCS f 24 03

There are also planned matings in my cattery :

Otello x : Afrodite, Olympia,Aimee,Dunja ? ,

Blero x : Orbita, Nevada


I am very proud granny !!! My boy Muffin Sultan Chan*SK OSH c 24 is fatter of lovely litter in Finland, cattery of his owner Victoria Matero, cattery FIN* Vikiness


Showing you one of babies, son of Muffin  named Brand Boy OSH b 24


After loong thinking I took final decission and in my cattery stays :

Wendy OSH n female from W litter - classic carrier

Xhemile OSH n 24 female out of X litter - classic carrier

Xhina G SIA c 21 or cs 21 female out of X litter - classic carrier

Zara F1 OSH b female which will get RIEX pedigree out of Z litter -classic carrier

Yves F1 OSH ns 25 or Ymer F1 OSH n 25 males out of litter Y , boys will get riex pedigree

Both males are classic carriers


El Caramel and Coming Soon are already living in new homes as pets,



 We are expecting arrival of new girl from Germany named

Akitola`s Desha  OSH n  bred by friend Stephanie Meissner. Parents of kittie are 

daddy : Imperator Bon Lozana ( son of Hollywood Capri Jungle OSH n 22 )

mum : Akitola´s Alea

Some picture of little princess are here :

New pictures of our lady coming soon from Germany :



older pictures of Desha

And this is her daddy Imperator Bon Lozana - boy has also pictures in my shows 2009 section as

he was showed in Bratislava 



have here plenty of healhy kitties of one mth and older so those who are looking for

lovely pedigree oriental or siamese pet are wellcome for visit and choose their darling already.

For breeders, sorry, some of these mating were experimental, some of the matings were

first time out of Blero and I want wait to see the type, dont want offer around any kinder surprise

quite reasonable or not??????





We came home from show with new female,

Z výstavy sme sa vrátili s novou kočičkou AIMÉE BLUE LIME CATS*CZ....






We will remember date 21. july 2010 !!!!!!! Slovak Board FIFe agreed with our request

for experimental breeding program for me, Simone Caratozzolo, Edoardo Spirandelli,

Ingrid Butykova      and Barbora Krčmárova. We may cross siamese and oriental cats with domestic

We are very proud and happy, many thanks to our Board for their trust and support !!!!!!!!


Deň 21. júl 2010 si budeme dlho pamätať !!!! Dnes sme dostali od Ustrednej odbornej komisie

pre chov mačiek, člen SZCH a FIFe písomné povolenie na experimentálne krytie pre členov SZCH

Bednárová, Caratozzolo, Spirandelli, Butykova, Krčmárová odteraz môžu prikrižovať do plemena

SIA/OSH mačky domáce. Sme veľmi hrdí a dakujeme UOK za ich dôveru a podporu !!!!!!

Viac info v žiadosti, sekcia : články / article


We plan matings of two females from cattery Dolcegattina*PL

IC Ana Dolcegattina*PL JW
female - SYS f 03 21 - 24.02.2009
super cat 2009 - best kitten & junior cat. IV


GIC Fairy Tale Alamoana*PL
female - OSH h - 04.01.2008
super cat 2009 - best adult female cat. IV

We wish a lot of luck with matings and plenty small Otello´s 


Otello mated female Centrifuga Bon Voyage*SK

few pictures here :

And Otello while working- it looks like holliday :-)))



Grandson of Otello, son of Megallo Sultan Chan*SK named Alvaro won both days BIS at FIFe show in Germany on 10/11 july!!! Congratulations to his owners !!!!!! We are very proud !!!



  Some pictures of this beautiful male OSH c as his daddy Megallo, we wiah him JW title soon !!!!



We have visit from Austria, many new pictures in galleries of our cats and in section Gallery



   And here is expected baby, daughter of famous female Carmiel Petit Paola born in cattery D´Oltremare

 We wish to little girl all the best and hope to have her her as soon possible.

Ira is growing to beautiful female,congratulations to her breeder .... she looks like her mummy :-)

Here she is : Ira D´Oltremare OSH c ( girl was not sold to my cattery,stay for future work of cattery D´Oltremare )

new pictures of little Ira :-)))

 Ira and her brother Iron - available

on this picture with mummy Paola and brother which is available for breeding and showing in cattery D´Oltremare

For more info please contact Simone Caratozzolo, breeder of these beautiful babies

on : simone7623@libero.it

most beautiful siamese female I ever sow in real :-)))) her majesty Paola - breeder Betty Breu

 One picture of her mummy :


Pozor, dôležitá informácia pre vystavovateľov mačiek kategorie IV v sekcii vystavy 2010

  Important information for exhibitors, owners of cats of cat IV in section shows 2010


    Our web was not working for one mth so now doing slowly updates of kitten sections and news and for sale, galleries etc

1. and biggest news - Otello is working in austrian cattery Smeraldo, will arrive back home next week. Will mate one female in cattery Bon Voiyage and than females from polish cattery Dolcegattina

otello and his wife from Smeraldo cattery - Austria. Bicolour girl is import from France

many thanks to Silvia which took care of Otello so well

2. Before Otello left, did very quick job, he must be sexual deviant, I am worried about summer

spent cleaning litter boxes of 5-6 litters !!!!!! Ok joking..

There are Otello´s daughters probably pregnant from Blero, some girs out of Otello but we

are expecting many litters 


3. I sent request for experimental breeding program which include 4 catteries SZCH and we are preparing collaboration with other catteries abroad: Portugal, Swiss and Holland

I plan to use domestic cats to Orientals because of health and also tabby. We will go back with type but result should be excellent. Our experimental breeding cats will be tested for all possible and impossible very soon. Now preparing super work for our Board and article for my web site. Will tell you more soon

My male -  Oom Eric Loves Me

Male from Simone Caratozzolo Oom Eric Loves Me and also male Oom Ad Loves me - Living with K. Polakova - both boys will be used for F1 crossing OSH x Domestic


4, preparing article about Paola, cat stoled in Bratislava and found after few weeks



 Abbiamo nuova gattina, ... we have new breeding female.. máme novú chovnú mačičku....

       future wife for Otello ...................


       viac plus foto neskôr.. :-) prišla 24.4 z Talianska a volá sa Afrodite   


        PAOLA E FINALMENTE A CASA SUA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Paola is finally back home... 

        Paola je naspäť doma, konečne  .... 24.4 si po ňu prišiel jej majiteľ Simone Caratozzolo




Mali sme dôležitú návštrevu, PINA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Túto fotečku nemôžem neukázať všetkým hahahhahahahahahahahahahaha


Pino a Zamirenka. Pán domáci psíkov v dome nemusí, už vôbec nie také hebedka

 a nie na jeho gauči, Ale Pino je pán pes, a cítil sa u nás ako doma

Neviem ako na tejto fotke vyzerá Pino, inak Pino je super typový Shar Pei z Ruska,

majiteľka Renatka Poláková, ale Zamirenka tu vyzerá ako bábika...

  No a Pipinka Lauruška, uznajte všetci, máme krásnu dcéru, Zamirenka je suprová


We have two new litters and two boys from S litters are doing well now, thanks god, hugs to Maria,.

breeder of their mummy Olympia


Paola je opäť doma !!!! Paola is back home !!!!

Zatiaľ prechodne u nás, ale v bezpečí. Mačička bola skutočne ukradnutá v sobotu 13.3

z obytného karavanu pred výstaviskom v DK Ružinov, následne v nedeľu ráno predaná 

Po týždni zúfalého hľadania za účasti dobrovoľníkov, priateľov, médií sa podarilo mačičku

vypátrať a dňa 22.3 som Paolu odkúpila od jej nového majiteľa. Hned ako si trošku vydýchneme

napíšem článok v ktorom uvediem všetky podrobnosti, nájdete ho v sekcii Články.

Už teraz, dakujem za pomoc všetkým, ktorí sa zapojili do hľadania a všetkým ktorí

ma akokoľvek podporili. 


Paola is back home, for now here, in her temporary but loving home.

She will travel back to Italy as soon possible and will stay with her owner

Simone Caratozzolo. Paola was stoled from camper on sathurday 13.march out of show hall

DK Ružinov - Bratislava during the show day. On sunday 14. march,next morning sold

to new owner from village close to Bratislava

where was living with new family, thanks god, in great conditions ! After week of searching with

assistance of breeders, cat people, friends, people from TV, radio and after many false

information which I get from people came correct news and finally, found Paola !

On monday 22. march met her new owner and rebought Paola for Simone. This is

the best fine which this story could have. I am very happy for Simone and Paola´s breeder Betty.

We need some relax now and later will write article about whole story with all details. You

may find it in my web - section Articles


some pictures of Paola - first day in our home :-)))) we are soooooooooooo happy and again,

CLUB Italia is TEAM !!! We are strong !!!!!














 more nice pictures of Paola is in section Gallery, named Paola






First two kittens from " R " Litter left home, on the picture is havana girl named

Rock Little Ruby, living in Germany with new mum Jana Gerish

picture done in Airport...

wish them a lot of luck at shows, in breeding and beautiful time together :-)



 New video of my daughter Alessia ( 11y ) kids are today soo handsome woow :-)))




Our female Orion Sultan Chan*SK ( Puma ) OSH c 25 owned by Silvia Furnhammer, Smeraldo cattery, Austria was showed at TICA show in Austria and here are the result

 1 st Best Allbreed Kitten

1 st Best Shorhair Specialty
2nd Best Allbreed Kitten
2nd Best Shorhair Kitten
Last kitten from R litter found new home, chocco tortie named Ryoko is sold to Holland



Our boy Mambo Italiano Sultan Chan*SK OSH b 24 won again !!! This time both days( 14.-15. 11 )

in Kuopio,Finland. Congratulations to his new owner Maarit and Mirja from cattery Sultsinan*FIN



  WE HAVE WORLD WINNER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WW09 IC Otello D´Oltremare *I JW  OSH b











  Our boy Mambo Sultan Chan*SK OSH b 24 owned by cattery Sultsinan*FIN won again.

  This time in Tampere - Pirok show, CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!

  here are few pictures of our beauty



I found interesting article on german web site :  http://www.manalishi.de/news.htm

I would like to comment on this article. I had in past years three beautiful cats from cattery D´Oltremare and all of them very nice, healthy with beautiful temper. You can see type, condition and temper of these cats also on pictures in my gallery etc. many breeders, exhibitors and judges sow these cats and not only my cats with this cattery name on shows with absolutelly special temper. We all know that cat world is bad and breeders are not allways only nice people. Only hope that cats with prefix Manalishi are nice and healthy as cats I got from cattery D´Oltremare ..........




Our male Blero Bon Voyage OSH n won his 5th BIS on show 5.9 in Bratislava and became Junior Winner.

Congratulation to his breeders !!!!!!



WE HAVE NEW MALE !!!! More in section BOYS



LAST NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!! Our male   Mambo Italiano Sultan Chan*SK won again last weekend - 30.8 in Jyväskylä and became Junior winner in same way as his daddy Otello. 3 show weekends and 5 x BIS. Congratulation to Mambo and his new owners Maarit and Mirja from cattery Sultsinan * FIN

WE HAVE JW !!!!!!!!! many thanks to Maarit and Mirja

Our baby MAMBO Italiano OSH b 24, owned by cattery Sultsinan * FIN won both days 15. and 16. august Best in Show at show in Tallin ( Estonia ). CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              Show in Tallin, Estonia                                                   slovak fold in hotel room :-)))))))))))))))))





3 generations : Michelangelo, Otello and Mambo .........

  Mambo Italiano Sultan Chan * SK

  šťastná rodinka :-))) deduško Michelangelo,tatík Otello a vnúčik Mambo

  Mierne naštvaná orientálna rodinka

Last news :  Boys from " M " Litter left to new homes after Bratislava show  1/2 august. Megallo left from the show
with his new mum Katrin Kriener to Germany, Muffin had plane to Finland on 4th august from Budapest. His new
mum Victoria Matero was waiting for him in Helsinki, and also Mambo traveled by plane to Helsinki where will
 live with new mums Maarit and Mirja. Wish good luck to all my babies !!!!!!! We will miss them


 Airport - Helsinki both boys shortly after arrival               Muffin - already in Finland - first day in new home


Otello have visit !!! Beautiful balinese female came from Poland for mating. Name of
 dam is EC Belle Epoque av Karitzy JW DSM  BAL f

  Whole " squadra azzurra" came to say Hello :-)))))))





  Our male Otello D´Oltremare OSH b get last CACIB on Bratislava show 1st  august  2009
  and became Intrnstional Champion FIFe. Taking certificates for my cats or with my cats is not my biggest hobby. 
  Otello´s  happy life is more important than shows and certificates and he will be showed only time to time.  Otello
  loves much more his outdoor run than show cages of 50 x 50 x 50. We were talking about it and Otello agree,
  no more shows next mths :-)))) Clever guy :-)))))))))))))))))))))))

    7 mths old Otello and my daughter Alessia in Nitra 2008 , Otello won BOB 1

  Zamira - member of Club Italia - and ALMO :-) more info : www.animale.sk



  NEWS OF THE WEEK !!!!!!!!!! Kery is steel ALIVE !!!!
  NOVINKA týždňa !!!!! Kery žije !!!!!!!!!!

Our male Kery was rehomed cca 2 years ago under contract. Boy was neutered and is living
 as happy pet with his new owner Mrs Hanka Pivakova from Bratislava. I am in contact with
 boy´s owner and offered also help in case of any kind of problems she may have with boy
in the future. I was very surprised when his breeder Mrs Hrusova from CZ came to our show
last week end and told me very trist story about Kery. Czechish breeders told her sci-fi about
 me letting boy somewhere on the road, in forrest, or I dont know where, alone just free
in the nature because of his agresive temper :-( As his breeder is one older lady,
 I was just shocked. How people can be sooo bad and so stupid...
Kery SIA n  was never agresive or unfriendly, he is just special boy and is living as he deserve,
as KING which decide even when his human mummy must go to sleep !!!!
Hugs and kissed to idiot - autor of this incredible story. I just hope that his/her males are steel alive
 and living happy life ... just hope
This story also explain why my kittens or kittens born out of my males cannot be sold to Czech Republic
and why there is almost ANY cohoperation btw me and CZ breeder. Of course there are also serious
 and kind breeders, very few...
I just wish to breed in peace and enjoy this beautiful hobby. ...


 Nášho kocúrka Keryho som cca pred dvoma rokmi darovala so zmluvou pani Hanke Pivákovej.
Odvtedy žije v bratislavskej Petržalke v paneláku ako šťastný mazlíček - kastrát. S Keryho
majiteľkou sme v kontakte, kocúr sa má super a teší sa výbornému zdraviu. Na poslednej
 bratislavskej výstave som stretla po dlhom čase jeho chovateľku, pani Hrušovú z CZ.
Bola som veľmi šokovaná ked som sa dozvedela aké sci-fi jej milí českí chovatelia
 porozprávali. Udajne bol Kery agresívny a preto som ho vypustila niekam do prírody,
 neviem či do lesa alebo na pole ale to je celkom jedno.
Vôbec ma neprekvapil fakt že v CZ žije a chová mnoho záškodníkov. Z tohto dôvodu
nijako nespolupracujem s českými chovateľmi, nepredávam do Čiech mačiatka a
ani mačiatka narodené po mojich kocúroch nesmú byť predané do CZ. Bolo to radikálne
 opatrenie aby som mohla chovať v kľude a tešiť sa z tohto nádherného hobby.
Česť pár výnimkám, samozrejme. Ešte vždy sa nájde zopár čestných a slušných
chovateľov aj v CZ. Šokoval ma skôr fakt, že niekto nemá chrbtovú kosť a stresuje staršiu pani.
Kocúr ktorého som z českej stanice Rubelit dostala nebol NIKDY agresívny a
nemali sme s ním ani najmenšie problémy. Kery nemal rád výstavy a z tohto
 dôvodu sme ho na výstavy nenosili. Žiadny popolník z výstavy nestojí za to
 aby sme stresovali kocúrka ktorý je doma úplné zlatíčko.  Ubezpečujem záškodníka
že som ochotná poskytnúť kontakt na Keryho majiteľku komukoľvek na požiadanie
tak ako som ho poskytla aj jeho chovateľke pani Hrušovej. Dúfam že sa všetci kocúri
 ktorých pani Hrušová predala chovateľom majú aspoň tak dobre ako Kery........



          Chystáme kompletnú rekonštrukciu webu, nový systém galérií a veľa noviniek :-)
          We are preparing big changes on web, new gallery system and much more :-)

              We have new boy !!!!!!!!!!! Blero Bon Voyage*SK

  Výstava v Bratislave - Ružinov  28.2 - 1.3 2009
Results  : www.isterfelis.wbl.sk

  gallery: Felis Hungarica site ( Thank you Laca ! )      
  Our results: Otello - sathurday Nomination
                                    sunday BOB 2
  Mirand´s domestic boy Naruto BIS
  Our pictures in section Shows                                    

I had excellent gift for my birthday from whole club Italia ZO Senec ,male OSH b named :
Otello D´Oltremare * I  JW.

                                OTELLO D´ OLTREMARE

                        OTELLO and brothers

      Poster from my beautiful members .............. 

            Zo Senec " Club Italia " is now officially recognised by SZCH mačky and our web site is:



            New web of SZCH slovak national cat club  !!!!!