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  Revolution Sultan Chan*SK



  Revolution Sultan Chan*SK OSH b ( Otello x Dunja ) and her 9 babies :-)) born in 2011

  Proud owner is Elena Francioli from Italy

Some of kitties born out of Revolution :-))) They are BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to Elena

After bes in show- winner relaxing LOOL

bambini bellissimi hahahahahhaa che carini o diooooo !


  Orion Sultan Chan*SK OSH c 25 ( Otello x El Caramel Dm Shaded ) and her 9 babies born in 2012

  Proud owner is Silvia Fürnhammer from Austria


Xtreme Dream Sultan Chan*SK OSHn boy - proud owner is Charlotte van der Riet from St.Africa



Xtreme Dream Sultan Chan*SK OSHn boy - proud owner is Charlotte van der Riet from St.Africa

Xtreme Dream Sultan Chan*SK OSHn boy - proud owner is Charlotte van der Riet

from St.Africa



Xhex Taiyoukai Sultan Chan * SK OSH n female - proud owner is Carolin Skirl from Germany


 Xhex Taiyoukai Sultan Chan * SK


XIMONA SULTAN CHAN*SK OSH a - living with Simone Caratozzolo in Italy


Xaverius Sultan Chan*SK OSH n - living with Trudy in Holland



Mambo and Muffin have their own section here under news too :-))))

  Mambo Italiano Sultan Chan*SK OSH b 24 living with Maarit Mustonen in Finland

 Some of babies born out of Mambo :-) Here :



Muffin Sultan Chan*SK

Muffin Sultan Chan*SK OSH c 24 living with Victoria Matero in Finland

am very proud granny !!! My boy Muffin Sultan Chan*SK OSH c 24 is fatter of lovely litter in Finland, cattery of his owner Victoria Matero, cattery FIN* Vikiness


Showing you one of babies, son of Muffin  named Brand Boy OSH b 24


Grandson of Otello, son of Megallo Sultan Chan*SK named Alvaro won both days BIS at FIFe show in Germany on 10/11 july!!! Congratulations to his owners !!!!!! We are very proud !!!



  Some pictures of this beautiful male OSH c as his daddy Megallo, we wiah him JW title soon !!!!







First two kittens from " R " Litter left home, on the picture is havana girl named

Rock Little Ruby, living in Germany with new mum Jana Gerish

picture done in Airport...

wish them a lot of luck at shows, in breeding and beautiful time together :-)



 Our female Orion Sultan Chan*SK ( Puma ) OSH c 25 owned by Silvia Furnhammer, Smeraldo cattery, Austria was showed at TICA show in Austria and here are the result

 1 st Best Allbreed Kitten

1 st Best Shorhair Specialty
2nd Best Allbreed Kitten
2nd Best Shorhair Kitten


Last kitten from R litter found new home, chocco tortie named Ryoko is sold to Holland



Our boy Mambo Italiano Sultan Chan*SK OSH b 24 won again !!! This time both days( 14.-15. 11 )

in Kuopio,Finland. Congratulations to his new owner Maarit and Mirja from cattery Sultsinan*FIN


  Our boy Mambo Sultan Chan*SK OSH b 24 owned by cattery Sultsinan*FIN won again.

  This time in Tampere - Pirok show, CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!

  here are few pictures of our beauty



LAST NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!! Our male   Mambo Italiano Sultan Chan*SK won again last weekend - 30.8 in Jyväskylä and became Junior winner in same way as his daddy Otello. 3 show weekends and 5 x BIS. Congratulation to Mambo and his new owners Maarit and Mirja from cattery Sultsinan * FIN

WE HAVE JW !!!!!!!!! many thanks to Maarit and Mirja

Our baby MAMBO Italiano OSH b 24, owned by cattery Sultsinan * FIN won both days 15. and 16. august Best in Show at show in Tallin ( Estonia ). CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              Show in Tallin, Estonia                            slovak fold in hotel room :-)))))))))))))))))





3 generations : Michelangelo, Otello and Mambo .........

  Mambo Italiano Sultan Chan * SK

  šťastná rodinka :-))) deduško Michelangelo,tatík Otello a vnúčik Mambo

  Mierne naštvaná orientálna rodinka

Last news :  Boys from " M " Litter left to new homes after Bratislava show  1/2 august. Megallo left from the show
with his new mum Katrin Kriener to Germany, Muffin had plane to Finland on 4th august from Budapest. His new
mum Victoria Matero was waiting for him in Helsinki, and also Mambo traveled by plane to Helsinki where will
 live with new mums Maarit and Mirja. Wish good luck to all my babies !!!!!!! We will miss them


 Airport - Helsinki both boys shortly after arrival               Muffin - already in Finland - first day in new home


Our boy Ko-Koietto was rehomed 9.3 2008. He is living with lovely family, Mario and Marina Maglietta in Italy. Many thanks to these beautiful people for taking care of Koietto. Thank you Marina and Mario, I hope that Koietto will give you a lot of love and wish you many years together !!!


  Náš kocúr Ko-Koietto odcestoval 9.3 2008 do Talianska kde sa stane členom úžasnej rodiny.Bude bývať s
  Mariom a Marinou Maglietta ktorí milujú siamky a pre Koietta som si nemohla priať lepší domov.


  Koietto a casa nuova da suoi nuovi genitori la mamma Marina e papa Mario.  Mille grazie,spero che Koietto vi dara tanta gioia e afetto e sara con voi per molti anni !



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