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                                  Dajte si otestovať vašu mačku  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    POZOR !!!! Cena testu v USA je len 39 USD, cca 22 Euro !!!!!
   Price of test is 39 USD, cca 22 Euro  !!!!!!!


ORDER FORM FOR VeriSNP™ Universal Genetic Evaluation

DNA Sample Collection Kit and VeriSNP™ Testing Fee
Price: $39.00 per cat for Veri SNP test panel
Testing kits will be mailed directly from DNA Diagnostics, Inc.

 Čo všetko sa dá testovať :
  • VeriSNP™ (patent pending) Universal Genetic Evaluation
    • Parentage Verification, when needed
    • Inherited Diseases (, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy)
    • Traits Screening (Albino, Cinnamon-Red)
    • Identification (Siamese points, Burmese, Chocolate-Brown)
    • Additional colors, diseases, and performance genes are now being mapped.


               Our DNA testing panel includes:

  • VeriSNP™ Universal Genetic Evaluation
    • Albinism
    • Burmese (gene associated with color shading)
    • Chocolate-Brown
    • Cinnamon-Red
    • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) (Maine Coon)
    • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) (Ragdoll)
    • Identity fingerprint
    • Mucopolysaccharidosis MPSM (Lysosomal Storage Disease)
    • Mucopolysaccharidosis MPS1 (Lysosomal Storage Disease)
    • Paternity identity (parentage verification), when needed
    • Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)
    • Siamese points


Feline DNA Collection Procedure          Procedúra

 Hair Collection / Buccal swabs                 Z chlpov / slín

For each cat to be tested, we will provide one DNA sample collection kit containing a package of a hair collection kit and/or 2 buccal (cheek) swabs. To collect DNA samples, simply follow the instructions below.

NOTE: Each sample will be bar coded when it enters the lab and specific information is anonymous to everyone but the owner. Privacy of client medical records is strictly enforced at DNA Diagnostics. DNA material left after testing would be split and archived at both DNA Diagnostics and Texas A & M.

Collection of Hair Samples

  1. Comb the cat thoroughly to remove any dead hair prior to taking a hair sample.
  2. Take the cardboard hair collector (looks like tweezers) out of the kit. This will make the hair collection very simple.
  3. Remove the cover to expose the sticky part of the collector. Just pull the protective paper off of the sticky area inside the jaws of the collector.
  4. Place the collector like a pair of tweezers between the thumb and index finger.
  5. Grasp a lock of your cat's hair and give a quick but firm pull. Coarse hair is better.
  6. There is a minimum of 50 plucked hairs with hair roots needed for testing. The cat should not mind this and, in fact, they seldom move when the pull is accomplished.
  7. Put the hair into the pocket in the kit and mail to the lab in the preaddressed envelope.

Collection using Buccal Swabs

  1. Open the package and remove a swab. When removing the swab, grasp the plastic handle and pull the swab out; avoid touching the cottony tip of the swab.
  2. Hold the cat by the scruff with one hand and with the other hand, place the swab into the cat's mouth against the inside surface of the cheek.
  3. Twirl the swab against the inside of the cat's cheek for several seconds. The objective is to collect loose CHEEK cells, not saliva.
  4. Immediately insert the swab in the small white envelope with the cat's information printed on it. DO NOT RETURN THE SWABS TO THE ORIGINAL PLASTIC SLEEVE.
  5. Repeat the process for the next 3 swabs. Ideally, you should use 2 swabs per cheek side. Discard the plastic sleeve.
  6. Seal the envelope. Make sure that the sample is properly labeled with your cat's correct information.
  7. If you plan to collect from more than one cat, wash your hands between cats to prevent any cross-contamination.
  8. Please return samples with forms to the laboratory in the preaddressed return envelope.