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                                  Litter " M "

                                                                              Born 25.4 2009

  Parents of kittens are : CH Otello D´Oltremare JW *I x CH Al Manar Silver Moire *RUS OSH b 22

  Boys are 3 mths old and they are entered to their first show in Bratislava. Boys are leaving to new homes shortly after show. 
  Wish  to their new mums a lot of fun with these small monsters and good luck on shows !!!!

  Last moments spent in our garden :-)))))))

  I will miss this little tiger very much :-(



  Mambo Italiano OSH b 24









  Mambo Italiano OSH b 24



Muffin OSH c 24


Megallo boyOSH c


  3 Males :  OSH b 24, OSH c, OSH c 24
  big boys of more than 1100g :-) bad weather, we just cannot take pictures outside....sorry



  Mambo - boy OSH b 24 - NOT AVAIABLE

  Maffin OSH c 24 ( AVAIABLE )     and Mambo OSH b 24

  Megallo OSH c boy - sold to Germany
  Two mth old Megallo - 1160g :-)))))) that´s why I named him Megallo :-))

  Smallest boy from this litter Muffin OSH c 24 is now growing to very nice kittie :-)

  his ears are all the time folded.....

  this is darker picture of Muffin showing his head from back - NO CARAMEL on him :-))))))) He is real lilac very light

 Aaaand Mambo, real mix of Otello and our Manar, I can see both parents in him

  Have a look at his fatt tummy :-)) also 1200g now

  12.6 - boys Mambo, Megallo and Muffin, weight btw 840 - 900g





















  Boy OSH b 24




    Boy OSH c


  Boy OSH b 24

  Boys 22 days old

 Mambo looking for milk, coala from LMB is excellent stepmum hihiihihih

  Mambo - 20 days old

  18 days old boys :

 c 24 male

 b 24 and c 24

 brothers, lilac solid is today just special on these pictures hihihi that´s not him :-)))

 ok today was day of lilac solid boy, only from profile,he was lookong great and when I sow pictures said gosh what´s that......


but lilac spotted boy is looking first time ok, that´s him ....

took more pictures of lilac spotted boy, as we had only few and not nice... tomorrow will be day of lilac solid male hihihiihih

 And here is our love Mambo :-)))


  Boys 16 days old











 KITTENS AND MUM - 14 days old


 PICTURE OF KITTENS - 13 days old




  PICTURE OF KITTENS  - 12 days old - all kittens have over 270 g




  PICTURES OF KITTENS - 8 days old




  PICTURES OF KITTENS  - 4 days old




    1 day old - few minutes after birth  - his weight was 115g


  Day 2

  Day 3

Male OSH b 24


  1 day old -  birth weight - 112 g

  Day 2

  Day 3




 1 day old - birth weight - 105 g

 Day 2

  Day 3

Male OSH b

 1 day old - birth weight  - 79g  

  We lost havana kitten 3 days after birth.............

Please, don´t panic on mess around kitties, Manar is human being and refuse to give birth where I like, prepare and clean, she found excellent plase this time, wardrobe of my older daughter Alessia and loved mess in her underwear :-))) Now only thinking how convince Manar to change place and Alessia asking if she may lend my underwear for tomorrow :-) Such a things happens too :-)))))) Have a look at Manar before labour

  :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) maybe time to do some order xixixixixi

And here is Manar day after labour !!!!!


Drinking goat´s milch and walking like a madam, day before gave birth to kittens of 115,112,105 and 79g


                                                                  Otello and his girlfriend Manar