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Litter " U "...   
We had problems with this litters first weeks after birth, virus, what is strange, this was unic litter which had this problem and I have all litters in same home, very small one, but separated... for those who are hating cages : sometime may save also life of kitties !!!! It doesnt mean that you have to grow up associals closed in cages, only some desinfection after touching problematic litter and having litters separated... So we have one beautiful siler TP black male with thirth eyelid a bit visible whole time, and I am not sure if will be available as pet to loving home or stay with us because have excellent temper and also look, and it is silver classic carrier out of WW09 and OSH ns 22 mum....I have many boys at home so it will be hard decission but pet???????????????? and we have black smoke oriental girl which goes to cattery Bon Voyage*SK to ingrid and Dagmar and I am very happy to give them other classic carrier for our future work with classic. Hope to get one day back baby out of Uma OSH ns and their beautiful silver tabby oriental import from DK
here are few pictures of kitties
Uma Sultan Chan*SK - living with Inka and Barbora - cattery Bon Voyage*SK
 Uma Sultan Chan*SK - stays in cattery Bon Voyage*SK