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                          Litter " T "
14th march were born babies out of El Caramel x Otello
We have 1 boy and two females, boy os siamese lilac TP. female lilac TP and one oriental lilac ticked girl
El Caramel is homozygous for ticking and all her kittens are ticked, she will never give any
other kind of tabby.
Oriental girl will probably stay in cattery and El Caramel neutered after kittens grows up.
All boys from this litter are available.
I am very proud of El Caramel, she is excellent and independent mum, she had very
ballanced and healthy litter of 6 in 2009, repeated mating, keeping already siamese female
from this combination, love her elegant body on extra high leggs, we need also oriental sister
for our future work and
thanks god, here she is :-))))
pictures done in start of june ( 2 and 1/2 mths old kittens)
Thirza - sold to Holland, new owner Mrs Ina Mast
  Tiffany - reserved for Simone
le foto fatte da Alessia, ti faro fresche dopodomani .... nell giardino e no nelle mani,
infatti e piu bella cosi che nelle mani, qui chiude orecchi sono molto poi aperte
 siamese male for SALE - kocurik je na predaj !!! Nie do CZ na chov
 New pictures made 5th aprile
 boy on the left side, same colour as his mum, you may see flash and famous metallic sheen :-)
  Boys and siamese female on the top
 funny colours
  baby girl named Tiffany
  oriental boy
 siamese male